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Gladenfold creates an inherently Nordic-sounding blend of metal music, rooted in melodic death metal aggression and energy while borrowing the grandeur of power metal and symphonic metal. Influenced by bands such as Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Wintersun, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, and Freedom Call, Gladenfold has managed to refine its own unique yet constantly evolving sound.

After several demo recordings, Gladenfold released the well-received debut album, “From Dusk To Eternity (2014), which cemented the core of the band’s sound. The debut album was followed by the sophomore album, “When Gods Descend” (2019), expanding the boundaries and refining what had been achieved on “From Dusk To Eternity”. With that being said, the third album, “Nemesis” (2022), serves a more focused approach to Gladenfold’s sonic repertoire while retaining the band’s core present on the previous albums.

On “Nemesis”, Gladenfold’s music has taken directions to more sombre and atmospheric landscapes, with a sinister undertow increasingly present in the songs. The songs are dealing with themes of self-reflection, about giving in the dark regions of one’s mind, and finding the existence of one’s wicked features. Although not being a story-based concept album, many songs on “Nemesis” are addressing these themes, which have drawn inspiration from the personal life of band members. In that sense, Gladenfold’s music has never had this many sentimental tones, whether they are based on pure aggression or haunting beauty. 

The six-piece currently consists of Esko Itälä (vocals and acoustic guitars), Matias Knuuttila (guitars), Toke Gerdts (guitars), Ville Vesa (bass), Lauri Itälä (drums) and Paavali Pouttu (keyboards).

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Ville Vesa
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Matias Knuuttila
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Esko Itälä
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Toke Gerdts
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Paavali Pouttu
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Lauri Itälä

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